Mobile, Tablet-Based Payment Systems with 4G and WiFi

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With flexibility in mind, our mobile solutions are adaptable for all industries.

ITSCO Payment Solutions (IPS) has a wide range of mobile solutions for different markets and industries. Our hardware is durable enough for taxi and delivery services and small enough for non-traditional merchants such as swap meet vendors.

Mobile Solutions

IPS provides stability and consistency that you won’t find in other POS terminals.

Our mobile tablets provide more computing power, a larger screen, and more software and application options than traditional POS terminals, and they are more resistant to shaking and movement.

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We offer a complete solution or parts of the solution to help you process payments quickly.

As with all of our applications we can provide the complete payment solution including hardware, software, payment application, gateway service, and payment processing. We also provide all of the service, so you just have one number to call if there is ever an issue with any part of the entire solution.

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