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The Mobile Hawk is the world's highest performance handheld imager and easily reads any challenging direct part marks (DPM), from linear barcodes to 2D symbols. Using advanced technology, the Mobile Hawk combines patent-pending MAXlite illumination with aggressive X-Mode DPM algorithms

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EzWriter encodes and reads ISO, AAMVA, User Custom, and Raw-Data card formats. It writes (encodes data), reads the data, and then verifies the encoding for up to three tracks in a single card swipe. EzWriter writes/reads both High-coercivity and Low-coercivity cards. EzWriter comes with Workshop ™, a Windows software application that makes the reading and writing process quick, easy, and verifiable. Workshop is a PC application that operates in Windows XP or 2000. The operation and design are unique. The die cast housing and the deep card slot with low head force design ensures smooth and easy card swipes. The card motion tachometer has the highest resolution in the industry. These mechanical features are not available in other products; all of them provide stability, reliability, and the accuracy required for ISO/IEC 7811 standards in the card writing process.

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12/20/06  Microscan announces the MS-3 (ESD).   As a preferred partner we are pleased to let you know about the following new products being released by Microscan.

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Electrostatic discharge (ESD) and the damage it can inflict on sensitive components is a major concern within electronics and semiconductor industries. [Company] announces a new advancement in bar code technology with the introduction of Microscan’s Quadrus® MINI ESD Safe, the world’s first ESD Safe miniature fixed-mount imager.

work with electronic components which can be damaged by even small amounts of static electricity. The Quadrus® MINI ESD Safe is the world’s first miniature fixed-mount imager which can be safely and easily integrated into ESD-sensitive assembly processes.  The new Quadrus® MINI ESD Safe solves many of the challenges involved in reading codes on sensitive components without discharging static.  With its unique nickel coating and ESD resistant labels, the MINI can be safely integrated without the usual hassles of aerosol coating or restrictive mounting distances.

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